Free Online Car Appraisals

Free online car appraisals are beneficial for car collectors, auto dealers, and individual buyers. These appraisals offer great insights into the true value of used vehicles without the extensive documentation of a professional appraisal. 

Target Markets For Free Car Appraisals

Providers of free car appraisals and appraisal tools aim their marketing campaigns at car owners, collectors, and dealers.  The majority of car reports, listings, and appraisal information is requested by owners trying to figure out the values of their vehicles.  Individual owners use free car appraisals for insurance, arbitration, sales, and estate purposes.  Collectors use tools for classic car appraisals to determine vehicle values for sales and auctions.  These consumers possess some knowledge of car values, but use free car appraisals to create tangible evidence for their appraised values.  New and used car dealers look to free car appraisals as part of their trade-in evaluation process. 

Self Guided Car Appraisals

Car appraisals tools available on the Internet represent the first step to creating a self guided car appraisal.  These tools can produce a range of values based on estimated condition, mileage, and other details, but cannot create a specific sales price.  A car owner should look beyond online car appraisal tools to assess the value of his vehicle.  Carfax© ( offers vehicle history reports that help owners prove the conditions of their cars.  Car owners should gather estimated ranges from multiple appraisal websites like Kelley Blue Book© and© to demonstrate the validity of their appraisals.  Collectors and owners trying to sell their vehicles outside their communities should think like a buyer when preparing a free car appraisal.  These consumers should use photos, maintenance logs, and other documents to support their online car appraisals.©© ( is the latest incarnation of NADA Appraisal Guides Inc.©, an auto publishing company open since 1932.  The website offers multiple tools to assist owners, collectors, and dealers with their appraisals.  The Used Car Center is a searchable database of vehicle information from 1990 to present.  The Classic Cars section allows users to find performance, fuel mileage, and features with vehicle models prior to 1990.© covers all the information needed for accurate appraisals in its Used Car Spec, Photos, Resources, and Safety section.  Once you have accumulated vehicle appraisal information, you can use the website’s Sell Your Vehicle tool to test the waters for prospective buyers.© is the perfect resource for newcomers with limited budgets to the vehicle appraisal process. 

Kelley Blue Book©

Kelley Blue Book© ( is one of the most trusted resources for vehicle appraisers and collectors on the Internet.  Visitors to Kelley Blue Book© can search for used car information by year, make, and model with a few clicks.  The website also breaks apart used car information by price range, allowing amateur appraisers to check prices for comparable vehicles.  The Best Resale Value Awards presented by Kelley Blue Book© create a spectrum for used car pricing and appraisals unavailable elsewhere on the Internet.  Appraisers trying to assess the market for their used vehicles can head to the website’s Consumer Reviews.  Kelley Blue Book© has earned the trust of consumers and dealers because it has updated used vehicle prices since 1926.©

Vehicle buyers, owners, and dealers trust© ( to provide the latest vehicle information.© is best known for its extensive road tests, which put new and used vehicles to their limits.  The website is a great tool for consumers and businesses interested in compiling free appraisals from a reputable source.© offers unique features like True Cost to Own®, listings, and local resources to generate accurate appraisals for free. 

The True Cost to Own® feature assesses the long-term costs of owning a vehicle including gas, maintenance, insurance, and registration fees.© allows users to list their used cars, trucks, and SUVs, creating an invaluable resource for comparing vehicle values.  The website’s local resources connect users to car dealers, mechanics, and other experts that can make vehicle appraisals easier.© is a good clearinghouse of vehicle information for experienced car owners and collectors interested in creating accurate appraisals. 


Hemmings© ( calls itself the largest collector car marketplace on the Internet because of its extensive sales and appraisal services.  The website offers buying and restoring tips to help classic car owners improve the appraised values of their vehicles.  These tips cover everything from polishing classic cars to overhauling engines to amplifying values by thousands of dollars.  The Hemmings© price guide found in bookstores and auto shops is searchable by year, make, and model on its website. 

Hemmings© allows users to connect with each other through the website’s classifieds section and forums.  The classifieds section allows muscle, exotic, and classic car owners to find asking prices for similar vehicles in the marketplace.  These sections feature lengthy listings, sales prices, and multiple search methods to simplify the research process.  The Hemmings© online forum is a treasure trove of information that can help customers create free online appraisals.  A forum user can solicit advice from fellow readers, seek out cheap parts for his vehicle, and ask for appraisal tips without spending any money. 


AutoTrader® ( is a massive online clearinghouse for auto information favored by millions of consumers nationwide.  The website is the perfect source of free appraisal information for consumers and collectors.  The AutoTrader® Find Cars for Sale feature allows consumers to figure out the current market for their makes and models.  The website’s Sell Your Car features give users the opportunity to test the market for their vehicles once appraisals yield sales costs.  Your car appraisal is easy to create with the help of AutoTrader®. 

AutoTrader® highlights the Top 10 Most Researched and the Top 10 Favorite used vehicles for users trying to find information about their vehicles.  The Research & Compare tools allow car owners to compare their vehicles to multiple models during the appraisal phase.  AutoTrader® offers connections to lenders, insurance providers, and local dealers if your appraisals are used for trade-ins and sales.  Consumers heading to AutoTrader® can appraise vehicle values and facilitate transactions without spending a penny. 

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